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Your wedding stage should showcase the best of creativity and should be all set for the family portraits and the beautiful candid pictures of the bride and groom. Your wedding album will be having a lot of photos with the background of your stunning stage. Now the stage decoration had a transition from mere flower decor to something that meet all the needs of the wedding including the perfect one for a photo shoot with proper lighting.

First and foremost, it is the place which needs all the sanctity for conducting the rituals for the wedding ceremony. Let it be with a royal elegance.

Are you in search for the best stage decor in Thrissur?

Check out what we have for you

  • Wedding stage decoration: A well decorated stage reflects the style of the event and creates the right mood for the wedding. We provide stylish designs incorporating the traditional traits or a contemporary design to enhance the the beauty of the venue.
  • Wedding hall decoration: Conduct your wedding party in well furnished and specially arranged hall. Make a warm welcome for your esteemed guests.
  • Flower decoration: Flowers can give a fresh ambience for the place. Kerala wedding will be incomplete without flower decoration.
  • Wedding car decoration: Give a luxury entry to the bride and groom. We know that everyone has become more fashion conscious and realising the need for the same, we provide the latest car decoration ideas.
  • Creative arch: Entryways makes the first impression about your wedding. We can provide you with customised designs for a unique experience.
  • Wedding mandaps: Wedding mandap is the prime element in stage decoration. It is a prerequisite and we build mandap that suits your custom and rituals.
  • Wedding management: For ensuring your marriage to be an amazing event, we also do wedding management. Just ring us and relax, we will do the rest.


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For any events, serving food will be the best way to show your gratitude towards your guest. You are not merely serving food but your happiness is also shared with them. Taste and hygiene is the first thing we want to know about caterers. We have a diverse kitchen matching the food needs of every client. We serve food for both small and large group. Your search for the best catering service in Thrissur ends here.

We consider culinary as an art and committed to perform it well.

Check out what we have for you

  • Buffet counters For marriages and other parties, buffet serving has become popular and we have the best varieties of dishes. We can customise your package according to the number of guests and no of items you need.
  • Hindu wedding feast Traditional sadhya is an important element in hindu weddings. It includes more than 20 dishes, rice of your choice and variety payasam. We can also customise packages for you.
  • Vegetarian and non vegetarian We serve both vegetarian and non vegetarian dishes.
  • Welcome drink The guest will be first delivered with a delicious welcome drink. Apart from the normal welcome drinks provided in older days, now the parties are having more varieties of options.
  • Snacks counter Make your guests more amazed with a variety of tasty snacks. Snacks counters will be provided in addition with the normal menu.
  • Wedding mandaps: Wedding mandap is the prime element in stage decoration. It is a prerequisite and we build mandap that suits your custom and rituals.
  • Wedding management: For ensuring your marriage to be an amazing event, we also do wedding management. Just ring us and relax, we will do the rest.


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Your family or friends gathering and parties should be captured for creating good old memories. Spontaneous moments are always the best. A profession photographer/videographer can help you with saving them. Let it be any of your special days. We can make them happier by giving you the chance to film them and see it many times.

Looking for a professional photographer in Thrissur?

Tell more about your event, let our team plan wisely to do all the creative ways.

Check out what we have for you

  • Wedding photography : The colourful celebration of your big day should be filmed as a fairy tale. It will be an honour and pleasure to be a part of your grand celebration. We have professional photographers and videographers who are dedicated in their field of work.
  • Pre or post wedding : Pre wedding and post wedding videos have taken an important role in wedding photography. Let it be in any destination. Our team is always ready to take part in your happiness.
  • Save the date and highlights video : Inform or give your family and friends a creative reminder video with our specially customised save the date video. WE do consider your idea.
  • Newborn photography : It is a precious moment to welcome a new member to your family who is going to be the one who makes you more responsible and the happiest parent in the world. Collect all the beautiful memories with your little one with the help of a professional new born photographer in Thrissur.
  • Maternity photography : The moment you starts to eagerly waiting for your baby is awesome. We know the struggle you face during your pregnancy, but you enjoy the same in the right way. Our photographers are trained well to give you the best experience.
  • Birthdays and other functions : Let it be any function like birthdays, anniversaries or family get together. We provide the same set of quality service for you with the expert photographers and videographers in the city.



Avail the best class sound and lighting services in Thrissur. We provide the service to any kind of events ranging from large to small size. With the supreme quality equipment, we can assure best quality of indoor and outdoor light and sound service. We also encourage the participation of our clients in the planning and designing phase of the event. Our package can include smoke, follow spot, lazer, dimmer pack and many more according to your requirements.

Check out what we have for you

  • Indoor and outdoor stages : We handle both indoor and outdoor works. Special equipments are used used for each purposes. We can also provide ideas on your events.
  • Generators : Generators are mandatory for all the light and sound application. We can also provide generator only packages upon your requirement.
  • Exhibitions : – Transform the exhibitions to an art that touches the heart than a mere gathering and showcasing event. We assure precision in providing the best quality in our services.
  • Festivals Festival is the synonym for joy, put a smile on hundreds of faces by carving the festival. It takes determination and uniqueness to make the festival a beautiful adventure.
  • Parties : Illuminate and make the parties brighter with a perfect lighting. Never miss the chance to engage the guest with a right sound system. We can help you with different ways to make the party more enjoyable.
  • Wedding illuminations : Wedding decoration cannot be completed with different illuminations. We have special packages for wedding parties. You simply inform your days and we will assure the rest.


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The importance of meetings is entrenched in the core of every business activity. It’s the atmosphere that matters to make or break. Enrich your meetings with positive environment facilitating ground breaking innovation with the best corporate meeting organiser in Thrissur.

Your corporate meetings are the point of contact to demonstrate your company’s goodwill and attention to fine details, when it comes to urge to have the best in the best. With our team you can ensure that your corporate meetings will sent out a message of first class professional management.

Check out our services that determines the success of any corporate meetings:

  • Arranging venues : We are committed to provide you business class venues for your corporate meetings by charting the availability of venues from our database pool, based on your requirements.
  • Allied Services : Utmost care will be taken for catering services including the distribution refreshments during the meeting without losing the edge if the meeting.
  • Administration : We’ll take care of the administration of the entire meeting, ranging from the formulation of meeting agendas to the distribution of printed materials for your esteemed clients and colleagues. As per your requirements.
  • Secretarial services : To make sure the success and effectiveness of your meetings reach your office, we provide a range of secretarial services ranging from answering or diverting phone calls during the meeting to sending out meeting minutes on the same day.


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Make the first impression of your business an everlasting one. A professionally organised launch of your product or service can directly exhibit a positive impact on the outcome of your business. We know that you will be having a lot of dilemmas in planning the event. And you might have had many hectic days back. Don’t worry, our team, the best inauguration organiser in Thrissur is here to help you with.

Check out what we have for you

  • Catering : – We product catering services with customised packages for inaugurations. Even if you need only a welcome drink, we can do it at the most hygiene and pleasing way.
  • Branded signage or banners : Branding should be done from the beginning and we can arrange creative banners that emphasis your logo and product details.
  • Promotional gifts : – Arranging some promotional gifts for the guests will be a good idea. Don’t worry about the kind of gift, we can meet your requirements within your budget.
  • Photography and videography : It is the first event of your business and it is mandatory to keep the pictures of the moment. Let your official launch have the right beginning, we can arrange professional photographers to capture your precious moments.
  • Co-ordination : Co-ordinating an event is not simple as you think. Everything should be organised in a professional way. You should not miss the chance to appeal your esteemed guests on your inauguration. We can supply and co-ordinate any activities as per your requirements.


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Everyone loves to have some entertainments in our life. What if we are going to host the event. The event can only be successful, if our guest are contented with the event. We can provide you with the best entertainment services in Thrissur. We know all your concerns relating the cultural and ethical issues. We also provide pre and post event services.

Make the event more colourful with a variety of enetertainments.

Check out what we have for you

  • Cultural programmes : – AN entertainment can be of any kind and we can arrange different cultural programmes considering the category of audience you are going to have at the event.
  • Celebrity show : Celebrity shows can take the event to the next level. Our team will help you with contacting and co-ordinating the dates and travel details of the celebrity.
  • DJs : DJ, the unavoidable element of any party. Even the wedding receptions are also having DJ parties now. It creates a special mood and make all the audience energetic and make them fell young.
  • Anchor/compere : We can arrange a trained anchor for your event. We have a large pool of artists related with different fields to help with you.
  • Traditional reception : If you are planning for a simple gathering of your family and friends, then you might be in need for a normal traditional reception. We can customise the event package considering your time and budget.


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Have you ever wondered if you can find that reboot button in your life? Unplug your cellphones and laptop and recharge your self by travelling to places that you’ve only dreamed of. Take a walkabout, to find yourself you often have to lose yourself. There are so much under the sun for us to see. Ever stretching sea and beautiful landscapes filled with architectural wonders of the nature and man.

Be it a quiet getaway with your partner or a jolly trip with your family or an adventure trip with your mates we are here to serve you in a classy and dashing way.

Check out our professional tourism services.

  • Travel combos: Our industry topper analysts had made it possible for us to present you with a handful of travel deals that will suit your moods. The amazing offers are self explanatory when it comes to the excitement it is about to offer, without leaving a hole in your pockets.
  • Additional services: Our intangible services include bookings for ace accommodation to suit your mood. We also arrange bookings for theatres, and at various sites.
  • Wine glass handling: We know how sensitive your luggages are, we take utmost care and pride in delivering our services of transport you and your valuables to your destination.
  • Tour guides: We are in touch with the professional tour guides across the globe to give you every detail of the marvels that you’ll be witnessing in your trip.
  • Cuisines: We’ll be happy to guide you to must try bucket list of cuisines at your destination. With reviews from hundreds of our customers we are here to give you our expert advice.
  • 24 hour service: : Your safety and well being are our prime priorities. We are available 24*7 to help you so you can relax and have peace of mind.


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